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Do you feel like you're stuck in the valley of despair?

  • Overwhelmed and burnt out from the demands of life while being exhausted from long restless nights spent tossing and turning over endless mental chatter?

  • Constantly stressed and anxious, operating at a fraction of your potential, unable to find peace of mind and calmness to enjoy life, relax, and be present?

  • Feeling like you'll never have what you desire most or that you'll always be void of love, abundance, freedom, and fulfillment?

  • Or perhaps its the defeat of waking up feeling stuck or trapped in the monotonous grind and having to drag yourself through every day only to wake up and do it again, thinking to yourself, "will it be this way for the rest of my life?"​


The valley of despair has many faces and you may think it is impossible to get out of, but perhaps you already realize that the way you think, is why you are in the valley of despair in the first place...

However, being the amazing courageous student of life that you are, you're here on this site knowing deep inside that there is a way out of the impending doom. 

I personally have been through this, as well as helped thousands get out of the valley, so I completely understand how it feels to be stuck in a never ending loop of despair.

I remember the pain and frustration of feeling stuck in my life.

Everything I desired was always so far out of reach and it felt like my life was always spiraling out of control, no matter what I did to try and overcome it.

The real issue not that you cant get out of the valley, you just don't know how to get out of the valley. 


You tried so many things and keep ending up back at square one.


Here is a few to boot:

  • Therapy spending thousands of dollars and years of your life for little results

  • 4 hour morning routines that creates more stress

  • Yoga, juice cleanses, diet changes and coffee enema's 

  • Will power or conscious effort every new year that last 1-2 months at best

  • Programs and courses that cost a hefty amount but don't address the root 

  • listening to 4,000 social media influencers all creating more confusion

While these things may help in some areas, you keep finding your problems repeating.

Lets address the elephant in the room that no one is looking at. THE ROOT OF YOUR BIGGEST STRUGGLE!

Whatever problem you're facing, you are unable to effectively deal with it or eliminate it because there is a deeper issue inside that has been building up over years that is being ignored. 

Be honest with yourself right now, this isn't the first time you have felt this way.

Deep within you feel that something just isn't right, an unresolved conflict inside that is always gnawing at your heels, keeping you in this valley of despair.


You have felt these familiar feelings most of your life and believe it's because of the circumstances or unfortunate events that you can't escape.

That life is happening to you and that is the problem.

If this were the truth, then what you're saying is that you are completely controlled by the things you have no control over...

…and right now you may feel helplessly out of control, like a robot on repeat, taking punches from life and can't do anything but take the beating.


But the beating itself is truthfully coming from the voice in your head, is it not?

It's not what you don't have, the situation in front of you, the mistakes from the past, or from a future that hasn't even happened yet. 


It's the endless thoughts and all the pain they create about the past, the nagging voice about the struggles you face now, or the fear and worry of the future that feeds your anxiety. 


The record that plays over and over…and this my friend, 100% comes from an unaddressed root inside that is shaping your perception, creating negative thoughts that evoke limiting disempowering beliefs that are crippling you from making sound decisions and taking action in your life.

It gets even more interesting because the dilly of a pickle you are in, is that you are completely unaware of the root, and this is why you just can't seem to figure it out, make change to overcome it, and why you keep running in circles over what's causing it.

Allow me to explain 

Did you know that we are only consciously aware of 5% of our thoughts? 

That means out of the 60,000 - 70,000 thoughts we have a day, we are only aware of 3,000 - 3,500.

The other 95% or 57,000 - 66,500 thoughts we are completely unaware of because they are in a part of our mind not accessible called our limbic brain (subconscious mind).


Out of that, a whopping 80% of those are known to be negative disempowering limiting beliefs and self sabotaging patterns and behaviors that play on a loop OVER AND OVER AND OVER ALL DAY LONG!

Basically, 95% of all thinking and cognition that drives decisions making and behaviors, are completely outside of our awareness.

The limbic brain is the real driver behind this meat vehicle and it is 1 million times stronger than our conscious mind.

That's why you keep repeating patterns you consciously tell yourself you won't.

And if our subconscious mind drives us to make decisions to act, then we are a product of our subconscious mind and will always produce the outcome that plays over and over in our mind.

We cannot access the subconscious from our conscious state of mind, we have to access altered states through practices that allow us to slow our brain waves into the subconscious state and shut off the conscious mind.

This is exactly what we teach you how to do here!

Get to the ROOT of your issues once and for all, and step into your true power! 


Unfortunately, we cannot control what life dishes out, and it will continue to happen whether we like it or not, but we can take complete control of our life from the inside when we know how to access the subconscious mind.


When we master our inner world, we take control of our outer world.

Now you must understand that knowing about your problems and where they came from isn't enough to make the change.

Let's say you go to a therapist and you discover you have anger issues... great, so now you're an angry person that knows you're angry.


Yet, the anger keeps coming and the behaviors and patterns that follow, continue sabotaging your life and affecting those you love.

To really make true change and conquer your biggest adversary inside, you not only have to connect the dots and discover the root through cognitive catharsis, you have to release it from the body.

When a traumatic event happens, isn't the energy or emotion of that event felt in your body? do you not feel it in your stomach, sternum, chest or some part of your body? is it not true that when you feel those familiar feelings at times, that its felt in a specific area in your body?


If you don't believe me, take a second, close your eyes, and feel those familiar painful feelings, if you aren't already, and see for yourself it's in your body.


Trauma is not released with cognitive catharsis alone, it has to be somatically released from the body.

To make it easy to understand, think of it like this...


If at some point, an experience you had created the belief of not being good enough, then isn't it so, that in that moment you embodied the feeling or energy of not being good enough and held onto it accepting it as truth?

That energy you accepted as truth became the truth you held onto internally and embodied into every cell in your body.


That's why its such a powerful and overwhelming feeling you cant overthrow by thought and effort alone and that is why no matter what you've tried you are still struggling.

Through the various tools and practices we teach you, you will be able to access the subconscious mind, where the roots of your most difficult struggles exist and finally release it from the body in a enjoyable and fun way. 

Not all healing and change is boring and grueling work.

Want to hear the most amazing part of this? When you do the practices we teach, you don't have to do anything for the body to release it somatically. 

In our attempts to be the most intelligent form of life in the universe, with all this technology we marvel at, we have forgotten that the most technologically advanced piece of equipment in this universe, that is apparent to us, is the human body.

And it knows exactly how to release the trauma, we just have to allow it to do so by accessing subconscious states of mind, so we stop trying to figure it all out ourselves and get out of our own way.

You'll learn the formula to access the limbic brain in a matter of minutes so you can rewire your mind with very little effort in very little time.


I'm not going to lie to you and tell you that its going to be easy, it will take effort on your part to do the work, but the change you will experience will be immediate and noticeable in all areas of your life. 


The true magic is what happens within you!

It is your will to have a better life, your desire to become the powerful person you are meant to be, and your curiosity to see what's on the other side of the pain you are consumed by, that will lead you to the answers and life you desire.


It is about getting back in touch with every part of our being, getting to the root of your most troublesome issues and facing them with courage so you can step into your true power.... we simply give you the tools and skills to be able to do so practically and effectively.

Your greatest strength is the ability to master your inner world so that nothing outside of you can control how you think, feel, and act.


You are in your true power when you are no longer powerless to the circumstances and situations you have no control over.


Without going to far into all the science and psychology, the main thing is you are not certain how to overcome your limitations so you can start living the life you know you desire deep down.

You may be thinking that this is all woo woo or just feeling uncertain if it will work for you...

But there are two things you know for certain that you feel in your soul.


1. Something must change because you cannot live like this anymore

2. If you continue doing what you have always done, you will always be where you have been...

Doing what you have always done and the things you have tried has lead to:

  • Your quality of sleep and energy plummeting because you're bombarded by fear and anxiety of the future and pain from regret and guilt of the past.

  • Every day passing by like you're on repeat, keeping you overwhelmed and stressed, never truly able to enjoy life.

  • Living life stuck in your head, while the present moment, where all enjoyment exists, cruises by like a party yacht as you sit watching from your window of pain listening to that nagging voice in your mind pull you in all directions.

Whatever it is for you, ultimately it's wasting your most valuable currency... TIME!

Time for yourself. Time to connect with others. Time to find purpose. Time to live at your fullest potential!  

Time... which is LIFE! 

So you're faced with 2 decisions.

1. Continue to face a life of uncertainty feeling like you are a victim who is controlled by all of the uncontrollable things happening in life.


2. Take a leap of faith, go all in on yourself, and discover how powerful you really are by diving into the work and watch your life change and your dreams unfold before you.

I know all this because I and so many people like you have suffered for most of our life. 


And just like you, we all thought, there is no way out... but that's so much further from the truth than you could ever fathom. And you know it because you're here reading this. 

This is where The Connected Experience comes in. Our formula for transformation has helped thousands of people get their life back on track because our formula is simple. The formula is YOU!

When you get to the root of your problems, 50-60 other issues related to the root issue are solved immediately.... and we have seen this over and over with the thousands of people we have helped.

The foundation of our work is Breath-work, Meditative practices, sound healing and guidance from chris who has an extensive education and personal understanding in human behavior and psychology, NLP(neurolinguistics programming), Coaching, and transformation.

These incredibly powerful tools completely changed my life by rewiring my brain, removing limiting disempowering beliefs and self sabotaging behaviors, and shaping my perception with new belief systems that served me and my desirable future.

As you journey through the site you will learn how these tools create change, but really, all of this is a catalyst to catapult you into the most suggestable states for transformation to take place on the deepest levels, in your subconscious mind and down to the cellular level.


This is where change takes place automatically. 


Imagine if all of this pain could disappear from your life without having to obtain any of the things you think will make you happy? 


What if you could find what everything you've desired free from anything outside of you, and as a result, you could then have everything you've ever dreamed of? 


In this day and age, everyone is selling some make your dreams possible bs, it's no surprise you're thinking this is probably a scam. But I assure you it's not. 


I went through the same shit and took all the magic pills, courses, and tried everything to change my life, but just ended up spending tons of money and time only to end up back at square one. 


I believe it is my purpose to help every single person on this earth struggling to live a life that is anything less than joyful, meaningful, and full of love and abundance.


There is nothing better than witnessing human transformation right before your eyes and knowing all you did was simply show them the way and give them the tools.


What we do here is remind you of how powerful you truly are and simply give you the tools to take control of your life.


There is no magic pill or quick fix, it will take a little work and determination like anything in life, but the reward for your efforts is so impactful that the effort seems like a walk in the park for a life of unfathomable joy. 

When I stopped looking for quick fixes or something outside of me to fix me, and went deeply inward using the tools that I will be teaching you, I finally found everything I was looking for.. I FOUND MYSELF!


  • Freedom

  • Abundance

  • Love

  • Confidence

  • Peace

This is why there is nothing more important than the relationship with yourself.

Just because we are inside your skin and with ourselves every day, doesn't mean we're giving ourselves the quality time we need. In fact, most of peoples day is spent serving others and taking orders, moving from one thing to the next never really taking a moment to even consider what is needed for them.


The Connected Experience is about building the connection and relationship within so we can heal the pain of the past, explore and discover our true power within, and become empowered to start living our greatest life.

Chris has guided over 2000 people using breathwork, meditation, and other healing modalities. He has helped them deepen their connection within to start living a more fulfilling life. If it worked for them, it will work for you!







Chris Georgoulis is a Transformational coach and spiritual enthusiast that is committed to guiding individuals through a process of healing, self-discovery, and empowerment. Chris believes that inside us all are the answers to our unsolved mysteries and biggest struggles. That true healing and growth (personal and professional) comes from getting to the roots of our issues rather than treating the symptoms.


Working for years with highly commendable teachers, studying a wide range of healing and transformative modalities both ancient and modern, combined with his own extensive personal journey of inner work, he has created an experience that encompasses the very meaning of mind-body transformation. 

“The Connected Experience isn’t just an event…it’s the unfoldment of the true self that allows a deepened connection within, giving us the ability to become one with others and the entire universe to fully embody this experience we share collectively called life…The Connected Experience is life!”

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